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miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

The Majesty Of It All

The mountain top was my sanctuary, my refuge. I had but to reach the pinnacle and my broken and bruised body could finally rest. Nearing complete exhaustion, I pushed on as my eyes beheld the temple entrance—the last beacon of hope in the war-ravaged land. The legendary tome I had in my possession was highly coveted by powerful and evil forces, and it was far too valuable to let fall into their hands. 

As I pushed on, I was seized upon by a fear so powerful and palpable that I froze, not believing what stared down at me from the temple's roof. A host of sinister, enormous red and black dragons, their baleful eyes piercing my very soul. I knew they were after the tome I carried, and I knew the world would be forever plunged into darkness and chaos should they obtain it. However, I could do nothing. Their magical grasp was too enthralling, too strong. 

They quickly lost interest in me, as hundreds and hundreds of dragons flew up the mountain side to my aid! Their majesty and beauty enveloped the sky, their wings creating a tornado of emotions I could not comprehend. I fell to my knees and witnessed the most epic and majestic struggle since the creation of this world. Hundreds of dragons, both evil and good, flew at each other, wielding fangs, claws, and deadly magic. I made for cover behind the rocks, and listened in utter amazement at the sounds of death falling from the sky. The cacophony of sounds exploded into the very heavens. Mortals like myself should not have the capacity to witness such an event yet witness it I did, and, after the seemingly endless struggle final came to climax, the majestic dragons of good came to me. 

I wept, not having strength for anything else. Their leader, the most majestic and pure looking dragon of them all, bore me up and flew me to the temple's entrance. I was amazed it still stood after the epic battle, but it's walls were untarnished, albeit flame of every color struck its walls repeatedly. 

The tome was safe . . . and with it the world.

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